How to Kill Bees

How to kill bees is a question many ask when the bees in the wrong place. as a bee guy, I'm asked how to kill bees countless times! Bees are very different from wasps, while a new wasp nest starts with a single queen, a brand new bee colony typically starts with thousands of bees.

Unwanted bees often show up in the house wall, attic, chimney, eave, or under the house. If you come home and notice bees buzzing around the house or inside the house up against the window, you may wonder how they gat there. You likely have a bee hive attached to the structure. If the bees are killed and not removed correctly it can cause additional problems. Most people searching for "how to kill bees," likely have already tried to kill the bees or solve the bee problem and failed.

For self help stop by are page on how to get rid of bees. We provide options for live bee removal vs killing bees. If you live in the US and have bee questions, or to schedule an appointment, call the bee hotline to speak to a bee removal specialist 877-902-2337. Good luck! - How to kill



how to kill bees

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